Web editor and Webmaster

For 19 years I have worked in a Communication Department in an International Corporation - 8 years as a Web Editor - 11 years as a Webmaster.

Some of the tasks were to:

  • Create and publish user friendly content
  • Find and tell the interesting stories in Norwegian and English
  • Create and manage websites, forums and blogs
  • Plan and structure websites navigation
  • User administration
  • "Back office" tasks
  • Image editing
  • Video editing
  • Training of content owners

Marketing Communications

I also assisted with marketing communication tasks:

  • Create ads (digital, paper)
  • Prepare the graphics to roll-ups and trade fair stands
  • Develope templates (e-mail, PowerPoint, digital signage)
  • Create and further develope presentations

Digital Signage and DAM

In addition to the webmaster tasks, I was responsible for the digital signage and the digital asset management systems.

Customer Oriented

From previous positions I've also experience from telemarketing, sales and customer service.